Some questions with our answers

Do I need an eTicket on the day?

No – you can simply turn up with all your family and friends on the day.

How long have you been running?

We started the first show back in 2003 – even before any legislation was in place. Our founder believed that same-sex couples shouldn’t face the blatant discrimination that happens at opposite-sex dominated shows.

Is it free to get in?

Absolutely – we do not charge anything to get in. As a social enterprise, we do ask for a small donation to support our nominated charities at the door. But if you do not wish to – that’s fine too.

What will I see on the day?

We look to have a range of suppliers for your day. Please be aware that we still experience discrimination from certain suppliers more in some regions than others. If you don’t find a particular supplier – don’t worry, just let us know and we will try to help.

Who can help me understand all the options for my day?

Our founder, Gino Meriano, has been at the forefront of campaigning to bring same-sex recognition and rights for over 15 years. He’s help the Government introduce and change legislation on the run-up to 2005’s landmark Civil Partnership Act and continues even today. He and his team will be on-hand to answer questions and just ask at the welcome desk.

Will there be a chance to see an example ceremony?

At most of our shows, you’ll get an opportunity to experience an example ceremony from a Register Office, an Independent Celebrant or Specialist Celebrant. Check our show pages and at the welcome desk on the day.

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