2012 – London much a do about something

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Today had to have been one of the most amazing days for many reasons, the range of exhibitors was amazing, their passion, creativity and support was outstanding.

Couples, their family and friends had the innovative opportunity of speaking in detail about their day, what the future holds and unfold their ideas to our hand picked exhibitors.

Over 338 people walked … through the door today and in the four hours we had a buzz in the air that was awe inspiring and full of fun.

Not even the heated debate across the Thames could dampen the spirits of the day, as the church voted and debated and made a mockery of themselves The London show just continued to ooze fun, commitment, love and above all equality.

We would also like to thank The Guardian, The independent and The Times newspapers for coming today and for Channel 4 for filming.

The team are so proud of today, the support and the fun that was had by all.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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