2009 – 6 years on and Brighton Gay Wedding Show still grows stronger

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The Gay Wedding Show – Brighton 15th November 2009

6 years on and we’re still growing stronger.

The 15th November saw some of the best suppliers around the UK give one of the largest amount of visitors to the show a warm welcome, great entertainment, fantastic example ceremonies and a host of information like never before.

Not even the wind or rain could hold back our couples, who all contributed in making Brighton one of the best shows around and ended 2009 with a bang.

Overall the Gay Wedding Show 2009 proved a great event and one that is still being talked about around the UK, from London to Cardiff to Manchester and Brighton – plans are well underway for 2010 shows, new ideas and additions are being created to give same sex couples the very best in the Civil Partnership market.

Gino Meriano, Founder of the Gay Wedding Show comments “I would personally like to thank everyone that has supported our shows this year, it has been a great year and even in this economic climate the Civil Partnership market is proving to buck the trends of the opposite sex wedding market. It always excites me to see so much genuine support from our exhibitors who are openly pro active towards supporting same-sex couples and Civil Partnerships. I look forward to 2010 and seeing how the next set shows unfold”.

The Gay Wedding Show saw its partner company Pink Weddings launch its new project “TogetherTV” live at the show and broadcasting yesterday on http://www.togethertv.tv – TogetherTV is our new TV channel aimed at same sex couples, their families and friends.

Believe it or not the team are already planning for 2010, no doubt we will see you next year!


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