Why we started all the shows

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It all started following a meeting with The National Wedding Show back in 2004!
Gino Meriano, Founder and Gay Rights Campaigner was looking for inspiration for his and his partner’s commitment ceremony.
There was nothing around and even the Registration Service were unsure what they could or could not offer.
So Gino created Pink Weddings to help other same-sex couples understand what was available to all those wanting to seal their commitment to each other.

After a tense meeting with The National Wedding Show – yes those big guys – where the team were exploring the possibility of having a small number of gay suppliers exhibit. The meeting didn’t go well. The National Wedding Show PR director said “… while we’re happy to issue a note on our site and in the media that we (The National Wedding Show) TOLERATE GAY VISITORS to the exhibition – we don’t want to UPSET OUR NORMAL exhibitors and visitors by promoting having you or any gay suppliers there.”

At that – Mike, Gino’s partner said – “…right then we’ll create our own shows that are truly open for all couples!”

And so the UK’s official and national Gay Wedding Show was sparked into life.


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